Amber INKredible Book ideas to get the creative juices flowing

for the AmberInk InKreDible 21 Day CHALLENGE

Idea #1:   Bookmarks and journals.  Find more @ Oodabugalley

#2. Change a paperback to a hardback  I'll bet you gals could do wonders with this.

BTW...Hard cover or Electronic?

#4.  The GoTo Idea place for stampers...SCS

#5. All Things Etsy  for example  Book Prints .

#6. Gotta put a plug in for Readeo,  a company started by Amber's high school classmate.  If you have a child that lives far away from you, how fun it would be to decorate a book and send it to them and then read it together through the Readeo program.  Christmas gift ideas anyone?

The Story Behind Readeo from Readeo on Vimeo.

#7.  Ever think of becoming a novelist yourself?  What famous author do you write like?  Find out your style with this 1 minute sample quiz:
 Test me here dear writer

#8. Inconsequential but geeky none-the-less:  100 quotes every geek should know